The NCT (formed in 1956 as the Natural Childbirth Trust) had

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replica oakley sunglasses The argument was made that women should be allowed to have their babies at home, but not forced to if they preferred hospital, and it was noted that these women tended to be ‘highly intelligent and provident women’ (TheTimes 12.2.1960).It was these same ‘articulate middle classes’ who were the driving force behind two influential health consumer groups which were set up in the late 1950s and early 1960s to promulgate specific views of the birth experience and are still in existence today; the National Childbirth Trust [NCT] and the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services [AIMS]. The NCT (formed in 1956 as the Natural Childbirth Trust) had been originally organised in order to help women to work with the system; in particular early NCT classes advocated relaxation and controlled breathing as superior to appearing out of control and in need of analgesia. The original aims of the Trust were clearly based round hospital care, and included the requirement that husbands should be present if desired, that analgesia should not be forced upon women and that they should be humanely treated. replica oakley sunglasses

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